Are you ready to help your client?

Help clients, prospects, family and friends.  They download the app to their phones and you help them get started.  Agents advise clients to back up their possessions.  Take the first step.  Help your clients and prospects get started. Join our Family of Agencies by helping your clients while earning additional income and increasing your business;   

Storing your information is the best step to having a good claim experience.
In just a few minutes you can help your client get started on their own journey to a great experience.
Retention is also important to your client as the years pass and their possessions change.
Help your clients understand that your culture of helping them as much as you can is a top priority
Quick start
Simply Create an account for your client, upload their information such as pictures, ponies, and documentation just as you would send an email. Let them know once sent they can continue to add to their files to document all contents and documents.
Super hero
Build your business by helping your client not to miss it with MISSIT. You may just be their biggest hero.
For who is MISSIT
Peace of mind: MISSIT, before you miss it.

When insureds have claims, insecurity is the mindset when it comes to how their insurance company will Pay? MISSIT will replace those feelings of insecurity and doubt.

Become a MISSIT Representative:

it is very simple to set up your agency so that you can help your clients or prospects get started.

Get an account
Go to the register page and fill in your credentials.
Connect your networks
Create an account for your clients and send to them the invite link
Get paid
Once they registered and paid for account you get your own percentage
Testimonials like this could help your business.
Bob Axelrod
Testimonials like this could help your business.
Kaylynn Rosser
Feel Safe with Missit
10 million
10 million items uploaded 10 million items uploaded
$150 million
Our customers have uploaded more than $150 million dollars in value of their
Over 2000 agents are currently working with us
5 headquarters in different parts of the country
37 branches in all states covering 10% of the population
88% of our big family are happy working with us!