Peace of mind can be invaluable.

With MISSIT you can be in control of your claim by
Securing your possessions and documents.
This the best step for a good experience.

Understanding risk
Unforeseen Situations
Life is inherently risky and it would be impossible to protect yourself against every potential risk you face. But if you are going to work hard, put money aside and invest it in things that are important to you or improve your life, it makes sense to protect those things as best you can.
Secure your items and documents:
Ask Your Agent.
Secured Properties
$1.75 trillion
Items in Secured Properties
$ 25.6 billion
Burglary Damage
$ 15.6 billion
in 2019
Protection for life's surprises

Ask your agent. Now it is easier than ever to upload and store all of your important items and documents you do not want to miss. Simply contact your agent. They will set up your account, initiate your first uploads and send them to you. At that time you can continue to upload the rest of your information. If your agent is not a Authorized Missit Representative they can easily sign up and continue to help you.

Once your account is set up you will be the only person with access to your information. Inviting other to upload additional information is only an invite away.

1. Database
Upload anything you may miss and related documents to manage any way you need.
2. Security
No one but you can edit the data you've uploaded. 2 step security will keep it safe.
3. Share
You can share your data via a link and people you trust can see it within 15 minutes
4. Will-It
As a bonus feature you can assign your property and prized possessions to your loved ones in an easy and very private way. No more family arguments over your wishes...
What our clients say about Missit App
Bob Axelrod
What our clients say about Missit App
John San
Feel Safe with Missit
500 thousand
More than 500 thousand happy customers will be using Missit to store and protect their data.
5 years
As the fastest growing individual and corporate data storage company, We are expected with in 5 years to increase our clients upload to more that 150 billion dollars in value of their property data.
10 million
Over 10 million docs, images and etc. are uploaded to Missit and now being safe
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